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ZiYue 子曰

BBQ Seasoning 45g

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Brand: ZiYue
Ingredients: Black pepper, red pepper powder, chili powder, garlic powder, yellow mustard powder, thyme leaves, oregano leaves, salt, sugar
Instructions: Suitable for frying, boiling, grilling and various cuisine. Also used in stew dishes.
Made in: Taiwan
Expires: In 3 years
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place or consume as soon as possible after opening
Remarks: The product has been insured with product liability insurance of 20 million NTD

SKU: A1055
GTIN: 4710792840550
Categories: Seasonings

The main flavor is selected Paprika with the sweet cigarette smoky smell. The blended BBQ Seasoning has a smooth and rich taste, with a touch of lusciousness after it, which perfectly brings out the fresh sweet and oily burnt taste of the barbecued ingredients.


Product Dimensions: L5cm x W5cm x H7cm
Net Weight: 45g ± 2g
Package: Glass bottle with metal cap
EAN: 4710792840550









  1. 以麥肯BBQ燒烤香料及橄欖油醃漬雞胸肉排40分鐘 2, 準備一只鍋子加水煮滾後,加入橄欖油一匙(約15ml,不在材料單裡) 與鹽(1匙)後將馬玲薯加入煮約30分鐘撈出,再加入籚筍煮約4分鐘後取出。
  2. 熱鍋後加入一大匙橄欖油,將醃好的雞胸肉排放入鍋中煎至表面金黃。
  3. 將蒸煮完成的馬玲薯、籚筍與切半的小蕃茄加入步驟3一同煎烤,灑上辣椒片與白胡椒粉煎烤至上色。
  4. 上菜時建議不切片直接與生菜擺盤,食用時肉汁更為飽滿嫩口。

✔️厚度二公分的雞胸肉排二面各煎約3~4分鐘,厚度三公分左右則二面各煎 4~5分鐘。









  1. 混合燒烤香料、蜂蜜及橄欖油1大匙(不在材料單中)醃40分鐘。
  2. 洗淨瀝乾四季豆與蕃茄,四季豆去除過老纖維。
  3. 熱鍋加入一大匙橄欖油後放入豬排,轉中小火煎烤豬排,每面約5分鐘。
  4. 煎豬排時,最後五分鐘可放入四季豆與蕃茄一同煎煮。
  5. 豬排煎熟後與四季豆、蕃茄一同盛盤即可享用。

✔ 混合香料成醬料醃漬肉品,成品表面會有些許焦黃實屬正常,若不喜此風味,建議可以包錫箔紙予以烘烤或全程以小火慢煎。

✔ 若時間允許,建議醃漬12小時風味更迷人。

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●The goods you return must be completely new and unused products, and please keep the goods themselves, and the completeness of all accompanying materials such as accessories, internal and external sentences, gifts, etc.; if the returned goods have been opened and used, it shall be subject to civil law Article 259 Fleur Fleur reserves the right to require consumers to restore the goods to their original condition or to bear partial compensation.
●Frozen, fresh products, short-lived consumable foods, etc., once thawed, deteriorating due to temperature loss, eating, etc., which cause abnormal product consumption, return and exchange services will not be provided.
●Fresh foods do not apply to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law in accordance with the "Criteria for the Application of Reasonable Exceptions to the Right of Releasing Communication Transactions" and do not enjoy a 7-day appreciation period (non-trial). If the goods are defective, or the goods are thawed or damaged during transportation, If the item is wrong, please keep the product in its original condition after receiving it, take pictures and keep it, and immediately contact customer service to arrange subsequent return and exchange processing.
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